To make the smoke we burn beech wood. This gives a beautiful flavour to the fish.

The smoke is fanned through the fish for about 8-10 hours depending on their size and then there is a further 8-10 hours of drying time. This is also something that is overseen very closely and only through years of experience can Graham decide when the fish is ready to come out of the kiln.

The kiln we use was made in 1946 and can hold about 90 fish. Because of the age and simplicity of our kiln even the weather conditions from day to day affect the way the fish are cured. The Connemara Smokehouse differs from many other producers who have fully automated kilns, and whose salmon is not checked from start to finish of the curing process.

After the fish has been smoked it is put into a different cold room for 24 hours before slicing. This is so the oil in the fish can re-congeal before slicing.

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