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Fancy yourself a Foodie? Don’t miss spots like Connemara Smokehouse

Green Cuisine: Fresh, Locally Sourced Food in Galway Fancy yourself a Foodie? Don’t miss spots like Connemara Smokehouse, where to find Galway’s best local foods at AshfordCastle. Galway is a foodie’s paradise. From the Wild Atlantic Salmon in its rivers to the world-class oysters found off its shores, the rich, creamy cheeses to the wealth […]

Connemara Smokehouse

Doctors should tell mothers-to-be about benefits of seafood

DOCTORS SHOULD TELL MOTHERS-TO-BE ABOUT BENEFITS OF SEAFOOD DOCTORS should provide more information to mothers-to-be about the benefits of eating seafood for their baby’s development, according to an industry spokesman. This follows publication this week of results from a major international study showing higher fish consumption is linked to better physical and mental development in […]

Story of Fionn McCumhaill – Salmon of Knowledge

The Salmon of Knowledge A long time ago in Ireland there lived a very wise old man named Finnegas. He knew everything about nature, birds, animals, plants, clouds and the stars. But he always wanted to know more. He lived beside a river where there was a magic fish. Everyday he stared into the water […]

Oldest woman was still sharp…Did daily herring help?

Oldest Woman was Still Sharp … Did Daily Herring Help? Tests showed no signs of dementia in 115-year-old Dutch woman; Autopsy found her brain free of Alzheimer’s plaque by Craig Weatherby A half-joking remark from a record-breaking “super-centenarian” may carry little scientific significance … but her example fits with the existing evidence on fish fats […]