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Fancy yourself a Foodie? Don’t miss spots like Connemara Smokehouse

Green Cuisine: Fresh, Locally Sourced Food in Galway Fancy yourself a Foodie? Don’t miss spots like Connemara Smokehouse, where to find Galway’s best local foods at AshfordCastle. Galway is a foodie’s paradise. From the Wild Atlantic Salmon in its rivers to the world-class oysters found off its shores, the rich, creamy cheeses to the wealth […]

Connemara Smokehouse

Farmed Salmon

Article in INSHORE IRELAND, June 2008 by Vera Heffernan – BIM We are told to eat farmed salmon – because it’s full of Omega-3. Then we are told not to because it might not be as safe as other fish as it supposedly contains nasty things such as PCBs and other toxic chemicals! It is […]

Connemara Smokehouse

Doctors should tell mothers-to-be about benefits of seafood

DOCTORS SHOULD TELL MOTHERS-TO-BE ABOUT BENEFITS OF SEAFOOD DOCTORS should provide more information to mothers-to-be about the benefits of eating seafood for their baby’s development, according to an industry spokesman. This follows publication this week of results from a major international study showing higher fish consumption is linked to better physical and mental development in […]

Story of Fionn McCumhaill – Salmon of Knowledge

The Salmon of Knowledge A long time ago in Ireland there lived a very wise old man named Finnegas. He knew everything about nature, birds, animals, plants, clouds and the stars. But he always wanted to know more. He lived beside a river where there was a magic fish. Everyday he stared into the water […]

Oldest woman was still sharp…Did daily herring help?

Oldest Woman was Still Sharp … Did Daily Herring Help? Tests showed no signs of dementia in 115-year-old Dutch woman; Autopsy found her brain free of Alzheimer’s plaque by Craig Weatherby A half-joking remark from a record-breaking “super-centenarian” may carry little scientific significance … but her example fits with the existing evidence on fish fats […]