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A must visit for. lovers magnificent smoked salmon, tuna, oysters and other fish.

S.Burke via FB 22/7/18


At Bunowen Pier, we stop at the Connemara Smokehouse for a package of Gravadlax (smoked salmon marinated in sugar, salt, dill, and Irish whiskey), which comes with its own dill mustard sauce. We savor the smoked salmon with creme fraiche, mustard sauce, and grain bread from Dublin’s Avoca. It doesn’t taste like any lox I’ve had before; it has a fine texture and is incredibly gentle in flavor.

Dakota Arkin Cafourek via B 18/6/18


We had the smoked mackerel for dinner, best smoked mackerel ever.

M. Turner via M 15/6/18


Yummy best Irish smoked salmon, a cut above the rest.

D. Ling via FB 2/5/18


il y a plusieurs années je me servais chez smoke house pour mon entreprise pour les fêtes de fin d’annees et je le recommande.
leurs produits sont excellents la livraison arrive en temps et en heure du moment ou vous avez commandé à l’avance .
N’hésitez à essayer leurs produits ..

Several years ago I was using smoke house for my company for the end of years and I recommend it.
Their products are excellent delivery arrives in time and in time when you have ordered in advance.
Do not hesitate to try their products…

Myriam Masson via FB 13/12/17


Well worth the trip. Beautiful scenery on your way to deliciousness.

W. Reddy via FB 29/11/17

Pour information il vaut mieux appeler avant.
je suis revenu le lendemain pour une visite en français.
On voit bien que Graham (le patron) adore son job et ses produits.
Pour clôturer la démonstration une dégustation de produit délicieux. Le maquereau fumé mérite une attention.
Thank you Graham.

For Information, it’s better to call first.
I came back the next day for a French tour.
We can see that Graham (the boss) loves his job and his products.
To complete the demonstration a delicious product tasting. Smoked mackerel deserves attention.
Thank you Graham.

F. Lauga via FB 2/8/17


Super visite,démonstration et dégustation vive Montpellier

Great visit, demonstration and tasting vive montpellier

S. Roma via FB 29/7/17


Great products . Tryed smoked salmon and mackerel , fantastic

A. Peruško via FB 6/7/17


Le thon fumé de la Connemara Smokehouse est une tuerie ! Un délice de prince.

The smoked tuna of connemara smokehouse is a killing! A Prince’s delight.

P. Martin via FB 2/5/17


Excellent saumon que je commande chaque année à Noël !

Excellent Salmon I order every year at Christmas!
A. Tanferri via FB 2/5/17


Le saumon est vraiment trop bon

Salmon is really too good

E.  Vivier via FB 1/4/17




C. Salamanque via FB 31/3/17


Enjoyed the salmon so much that we bought from you last summer and nothing else comes near it in terms of flavour and texture!

P. Sibert via M 10/01/17


This Christmas I was the lucky recipient of a gift from your wonderful smoke house, it was not only a generous gift, but also a heavenly flavour and texture,alas nothing will ever taste the same again.

M. Byrne via M 07/01/17


Excellent smoked fishes. Wild salmon is very good and delicious. Great products and quality.

G. Pain via FB 30/11/16


Un régal depuis qu’on a gouté celui-là on n’en achète pas d’autres !

A treat since we tasted this one we don’t buy others!
R. Le Jeune via FB 30/11/16


Interesting place to visit, nice people and, of course, delicious salmon ! Excellent products and we buy them every year for Christmas !!!

En plus du fabuleux saumon, goûtez le délicieux smoked mackerel (maquereau fumé), c’est un régal… it’s really delicious !!!

M. Duque via FB 16/11/16


A good place to visit with a taster on hand when you walk in. Check opening times before visiting.

A. Williams via FB 27/09/16


Bravo à Nicolas pour ses explications, c’était top !!! J’invite les touristes qui vont dans la région de passer voir.

Congratulations to Nicolas for his explanations, it was top!!! I invite tourists who are in the area check it out.

T. Evasion via FB 25/07/16


Christmas Day wouldn’t be the same without your amazing smoked Salmon. Many thanks, kind regards, all the very best for 2016.

T. Branscombe via FB 27/12/15


The CONNEMARA for me it ‘s the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M.Turon via FB 27/12/15


My ordered arrived today as planned. Can’t wait to taste your salmon, the best I have ever tasted. You guys are the best.

P. Bateman via FB 9/12/15


Orders received on time and already tasted, did not have the patience to wait for Christmas! Always so good!! Thank you!

Marie-Pierre Estali-Brussol via FB 8/12/15


Quality products will always be sought after, great foods.

P. Fahy via FB 8/12/15


The best Irish wild salmon !
Highly recommended !!!

Franco Franchini Via FB 23/11/15


We visited in 2009 and since we in order every year for Christmas!

R. Le Jeune via FB 5/11/15


The Wild Salmon is indescribable! Too too good!

Michéle Péchin via FB 28/8/15


Just to say thank you to all the team who made our visit to the Smokehouse so enjoyable and interesting yesterday.  We enjoyed our  mackerel and tuna mousse last night for supper. We’ve been buying Connemara Smokehouse products for years but never realised the care and professionalism that goes into producing the final product .
Best of luck to all involved for future success

R. McDermott via Mail 27/8/15


Delicious products discovered and appreciated during an escape in Ireland

Solhene Arthaaud via FB 6/8/15


The honey smoked salmon is delicious. Thank you for our tour when we dropped in. Great people.

Angela Cripps via FB 25/7/15


We love our visit to connemara smokehouse. The people who work there are really adorable and the salmon is just excellent! Thank you very much for this beautiful moment in Ireland.

Marie Serin via FB 10/7/15


Miammm thank you Connemara Smokehouse! Nicolas Bonnet via FB 5/6/15



Velvety flavorful organic smoked salmon from Connemara Smokehouse. Absolutely melt in your mouth delicious.  You’ll love the salmon even more once you meet Graham and learn all about his passion for smoked fish!

Ottsworld Travel  via P 4/11/14


Amazing kind dedicated family

Mary Rutledge via FB 13/8/14


Des amis nous ont fait découvrir leur saumon fumé bio. Un régal. On en recommande cette année. (Friends showed off their organic smoked salmon. A treat. We recommend this year.)

Muriel Destin via FB 16/7/14


Enjoyed our visit and will enjoy the salmon more!

Jane Melvin via FB 4/7/14


Even the kids can’t get enough of the Connemara Smokehouse finest!

Des Field Corbett via 24/5/2014


Un grand merci pour le soutien apporté à la promotion des vins d’Anjou à Tullycross et la confirmation que le Chenin produit au bord de la Loire se marie parfaitement bien avec le merveilleux Saumon d’Irlande.

Dominique Pairochon via FB 11/5/2014


Great location,all it needs is a place to sit and enjoy their excellent smoked fish with a glass of wine and enjoy the view of the Atlantic.

Tomás Nevin via FB 31/03/14


If you’re adventurous, and in Galway, make your way over to Bunowen (a little village on the north side of the bay) to the Connemara Smokehouse on Bunowen Pier, for *the best* smoked fish you will ever eat in your life. Their honey tuna is heaven. If I could figure out an easy way to ship a boatload to my house, I would. It is easily *the best* smoked fish I have had. Ever…beyond that, words do not suffice.

Robert K  via TA 12/1/2014


Un excellent saumon, un accueil chaleureux et un service d’expédition serieux (Excellent salmon, warm hospitality and a serious shipping service)

Benoit Talbot  via FB 28/12/13


The Connemara Smokehouse (which you simply *must* do if you’re in Galway for any length of time) and consume it while in Ireland (which you likely will once you’ve tasted it – we couldn’t stop till it was all gone)

RK Arizona via TA 30/12/2013


Located – literally – on the edge of the earth, I drove all through Connemara yesterday and called in to get some bits for Xmas, and met Graham Roberts on his way out the gate. One of his staff showed me around very quickly – the staff were singing and dancing around as they worked, it was a touch Willy Wonka. Great place.

William Barry Food Journal Dec 13′


Le meilleur saumon fumé que j’ai goûté! (The best smoked salmon I have ever tasted!)

Pierre de Lansalut via 18/11/13


Connemara Smokehouse smoked salmon it’s truly amazing!

Zera Phinchen   TA via 21/8/13


Tasted the wild salmon with my chef friend. We were blown away and his first question was does he deliver?

A. Bane via T 15/05/2013


Delicious lunch at The gCounter fish cakes featuring @OldSmoky Smoked Salmon

J. Dalton via T 14/05/2013

Connemara Smokehouse


My friend Graham is a true character- I’m glad the Irish Times caught up..his honey roast salmon is amazing get it and the smoked salmon at Connemara Smokehouse.

M. Ni Riain – via FB 11/05/2013


Brilliant product, best smoked salmon I have tasted in years and the smoked tuna is stunning, well done.

J. Duffy – via FB 09/05/2013


Well done, read the Galway Advert piece there – excellent!

M.Walsh – via FB 09/05/2013


You’re the BEST!!!

M. Davidson -Via FB 08/05/2013


The Salmon looks amazing. Perfectly demonstrating your skills.

F. Ponnavoy – via FB 05/05/2013


Well done Saoirse & Graham Roberts – Fantastic ambassadors for Connemara! (Économusée)

M. Hehir via FB 03/05/2013


An absolutely stunning day, well done Graham, Saoirse  & children and to all the team at Connemara Smokehouse and to Stefan Matz of Ashford Castle who joined the celebrations as they launch the first Irish Artisan Food Économusée (Living Museum). Today it was the best place to be in the world! Well done all and enjoy the festivities.

N. D’arcy – via FB 30/04/2013


Graham and his boy’s today at the Connemara Smokehouse launch of ecomomusee (living museum). It’s only the second of its kind in Ireland. Such a little treasure here on the west coast.

C. Prendergast via FB 30/04/2013


The Connemara Smokehouse Salmon is prepared a little further out in Connemara near Clifden but it is without doubt the best old smoked salmon I have ever tasted.

Pound Farm House UK via TA 26/04/2013


Well done, great to see ye get so much fab coverage both RTE and ITV ye are doing amazing work for Connemara and the west 🙂 love it.

C. Foodies-via FB 26/03/2013


Just saw the James Nesbit bit, place looked great, I want some smoked salmon now!

I. Mannix – via FB 25/03/2013


Excellent, well done on getting such excellent national and international coverage for this part of Connemara. (Nationwide & James Nesbit’s Ireland)

A. Kennelly – via FB 25/03/2013


Congrats Graham & Saoirse a great advertisement for the Connemara area on both Nationwide and James Nesbitt’s programme tonight. Keep up the good work. Well Done.

R O’Toole – Via FB 25/03/2013


“I really enjoyed meeting you and your family with our friends over the Christmas Holidays. Also enjoyed the best smoked salmon in the world!”

M. Davidson via FB 10/03/13


Love your products!

C.McNamara-via FB 10/03/2013


I love Connemara smokehouse…..maybe I`ll see you next year, sláinte 🙂

K. Schneider – via FB 16/12/2012


Thanks again for the smoked salmon I used with the chicken dish in yesterdays demonstration, the tasters just couldn’t get enough of it!!!

E. Hoult – via FB 01/10/2012


This is the best smoked fish I’ve ever had, and I eat a lot of this type of thing.

A. Pack, Chicago Via B 13/9/12



R. Peters – via FB 11/08/12


Yesterday’s lunch, at home in Luxembourg. These tasty fillets voyaged back with us from a visit to you just last Thursday. The smokey richness of the mackerel transported us once again to the West coast of Ireland and that gorgeous beach in the bay by the smokehouse. Thanks for your hospitality when we visited. Even the kids (aged 9 & 2) were enthused by your smokey offerings ! We’ll hopefully make it back before too long…
G. Johnston via FB 03/08/12 


One mouthful of the buttery-textured ‘wild’ product might take one’s mind off the cost factor. We succumbed and took some home as a special treat.

Pedro (Spain) 15/07/2012 via B


We visited the Connemara Smokehouse in May and left with a load of produce… and we were right to do so! First of all it made our holidays last longer, each time we opened one of the packets – and I don’t know where to start… I don’t even bother with any recipes, simply a good bread and some lemon accompanied by a glass of wine – your fish does not need anything more!.. and you can even drop the bread and lemon. For me the peppered mackerel is a real treat, I could have it every day!
We will soon order again to fill up the freezer! All the best to the family.

C O’Brien 28/06/2012 via Mail


Hi Graham and Saoirse – we just flew back home to the States.  I bought two packs for my Mom’s 86th Birthday and she and I absolutely feel it is the worlds best!!  Keep up the great work and we cannot wait until our next annual trip to the West of Ireland!

Brian Cannon USA 21/06/2012 Via L


@OldSmoky Thanks Graham. Great to see someone so passionate about what they do, and do so well. I’ll never look at smoked salmon the same 😉

Andrew McCarthy 22/06/2012 via T


Smoked Irish tuna @OldSmoky with Serrano ham orange and lemon dressing and pomegranate.

An Port Mór 20th/06/2012 via T

Connemara Smokehouse|An Port Mór

Smoked Irish Tuna Serrano Ham Orange & Lemon Dressing & Pomegranates










@OldSmoky My pleasure ! After all, you are my Fav smokehouse on the planet !
Ellen A Neumann 31/05/2012 via T


@OldSmoky Just lovely. EVERYONE READ this fb.me/1mRsHHsxP beautiful country, beautiful people and beautiful fish. 🙂
Thane Prince 12/05/2012 via T



@OldSmoky(Connemara Smokehouse) best smoked salmon & tuna in Europe and available online..

Friday Food Club via T 12′


Planning on making a fish pate for the market on Sat from @OldSmoky (Connemara Smokehouse) gorgeous gravadlax & cream cheese, for an easy-peasy starter!

Honest to Goodness via T 12′


Wonderful to meet you Graham & thanks for the tuna mousse its fabulous, truly. Have been on Old Smokehouse diet this week #bliss

First Thyme via T 12′


Loved the tuna mousse – perfect mix of rich and light.

Aine Ni R via FB 12′


In Clifden recently and brought your honey smoked salmon back to Cork – divine 🙂

Sandra O’ Callagh via T 12′


Fresh delivery of @OldSmoky fishy goodness just arrived… peppered mackerel, gravadlax & smoked salmon all high in omega 3, & taste fab!

Brid via T 12′


Wonderful smells, friendly people, stunning products!

Pat via G 12′


Best Smoked Salmon in the world and best Smokehouse Tour in Ireland. We will visit again.

Rook via G 12′


You make the best Gravadlax… Mary via G 12′


We had a taste test on Christmas day. Connemara Smokehouse V’s Wrights of Howth!! the result was decisive, 7 out of 7 way perferred the Smokehouse. and in fairness there was no comparison between the two products (which were similar prices), quality, presentation, taste, texture were all way ahead, way to go smokehouse. I know where I’ll be buying for my customers next year! p.s. do you deliver around Ireland?

S. Breen via FB 27/12/11


Smoked Salmon from Connemara Smokehouse – yum!

Boomarang via TA 30/8/11



Without a doubt, the culinary highlight was the wild smoked salmon at the Connemara smokehouse.

Kate Davis 13/7/2011


We had your smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and prosecco for brekkie… Amazing!! Xx

Janey Hurley via T 11′


Le meilleur saumon fume que j’ai jamais mangé ! On peut commander sur leur site… mais pas pendant les fêtes!

Isabelle Lemiere via FB 11′


*dreams on* and salmon from @OldSmoky (Connemara Smokehouse) for breakfast .. get me home!!

Discover Ireland via T 11′


Great smoked salmon and a very efficient and reliable mail order service. Keep up the good work.

Pat Murphy – Mail 11′


Great food from artisan producers, the best from the West @OldSmoky – Connemara Smokehouse

Irish Tatler via T 11′


la bonne adresse pour commander du saumon fumé du vrai par internet ou visionner la vidéo de la visite que vous faite sur place

dégustation des différent saumons, vous avez a faire a des passionnés de leur métier


il ya un français qui travail dans dans cette entreprise familiale très sympa

Marco 11′ via web


Well done folks A good example of quality product and good business practice.

N. D’arcy via T 11′


Read about your success in the paper this morning, many many congrats

Sarah-Jayne Kevin via FB 11′


Congrats to Connemara Smokehouse who showcased The Best in the West to 40 European Michelin Star Chefs.

Good Food Ireland via T 11′


Ooooh just had some of that Smoked Tuna Mousse on Carrs water biscuits. So light and beautifully seasoned! Nice work.

Tim Stickley via FB 11′


Had your lovely smoked salmon for mother’s day lunch 🙂

C. Hardgrave via T 11′


aka Connemara Smokehouse you produce the most luscious smoked fish.

Aoife Mc via T 11′


The best smoked salmon we’ve ever tasted!

JB & KYm Danhoff – Mail 11′


….der Lachs war echt superlecker…

Kerstin Dill-Beltz via FB 11′


me voilà de retour d’Irlande !

avec, je crois, un super bon plan… RÉSERVÉ AUX AMIS ET AMIS D’AMIS (merci d’avance !)

j’ai visité dans le Connemara une fumerie de saumon artisanale, considérée par beaucoup comme la meilleure, tout simplement…primée chaque année j’ai goûté le saumon fumé biologique celui qui fait leur fierté… et à juste titre !

délicatement fumé, pas trop salé…une merveille !

Carole Fouque via FB 11′


I’ve tried your smoked tuna – it’s divine!

Ginger Gourmand via T 11′


The Connemara Smokehouse has been touted by Rick Stein as both a “Hero of Food” and a “Food Super Hero”.  Graham demonstrated an extremely unique technique for slicing the salmon that I will have to practice and master.

Gastro Chef In Ireland


your smoked salmon (pasta) is our favourite – no comparison to other smoked salmon products.

Alice Ken via T 11′


Everything was delicious: smoked salmon, tuna and mackerel Pepper … I ate it all!

M. Parmentier via FB 11′


Every year we order more! grandiose! I just thaw in a half ….. I enjoy with my daughter ….. having a thought for you.

Véronique Quintard via FB 11′


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful tour last Wednesday while in Connemara. The Tuna pate was demolished by myself that evening and we really enjoyed the wild smoked salmon on return to Dublin with family. It was absolutely delicious. It was also really nice to meet someone who is passionate about their food, its origins and quality. I wish you and the family every success for the future and I look forward to placing more orders with you.

P. Kelly 5/07/2011  – Mail

I rather enjoyed being a tourist in Ireland.

Best local produce

Without a doubt, the culinary highlight was the wild smoked salmon at the Connemara smokehouse.

Kate Davis 13/6/11 via B


Wowed the crowd with his smoked Irish line-caught tuna, not to mention organic Clare Island salmon, Graham Roberts also took to  the stage as one of four expert panel-lists.

[Aoife Carrigy For Food’s Sake! | Holy Mackerel 1/04/2011] – Web


My order, made in July, has now arrived punctually and in perfect condition and thank you all for your wonderful products (we are especially enjoying the kippers at the moment as we can’t get them here) and for your great efficiency.

With all good wishes for a wonderful Christmas and Successful New Year

Sarah Boscu 18/12/2010 – mail


Just landed here a few minutes ago and the taste of that delicious honey roast salmon immediately came back to my nose and mouth. Thanks for doing such a perfect job.

Ralf Herff  19/10/2010 – Via FB


Nous l’avions trouvée dans le supermarché du coin et avons poussé à la fumerie près de Ballyconneely. Un des meilleurs saumons que j’ai pu manger. Le fumage est à l’ancienne sur plusieurs jours. Il est possible d’en commander par le net (je l’ai déjà fait 2 fois)

Voxpopuli 19/09/2012 – Via B


Myself and my wife visited your premises on Thursday last where we bought some of the smoked peppered mackerel. Absolutely delicious. Without doubt the best we have ever tasted. Look forward to trying some of your other products.

J. Mulholland 7/08/2010  – Mail


“Graham is one of the best adverts any quality product could have! His demonstration is brilliant and his style is people friendly.”

Kevin Ecock via FB 13/07/2010


Just saw you guys on the “Good Food programme”, SKY Lifestyle & Culture, good show, great products, well presented, well done!

M O’Hara 13/03/2010 – via FB




Order arrived safe and sound all frozen away for Christmas apart from one packet of gravadlax which looks unlikely to make it through the night.

Your packaging is brilliant, wish I could think of an on-going use for those lovely boxes.

Many thanks once again have a lovely Christmas.

Every good wish

Lynne 3/09/2009 – Mail


Connemara smokehouse do the best smoked tuna too!

…Rene. 2006


The Connemara smokehouse site is one of the most attractive I have seen. Makes you want to go there immediately. We are saving the smoked salmon til the week-end when we have visitor from UK. will impress him with the produce and the wine…..

Thank you again

Mary & Seamus 19/06/2008 – Mail


A great smokehouse near Ballyconeely, and some small beaches. I will be making a picnic supply trip out there soon!

Sullivan 2007


….I’d like to comment about where I spent last summer, on the west coast of Ireland in Connemara. I live on the coast in New England, but Connemara, near Clifden, stole my heart. It reminds me of what New England’s coast was 40 or more years ago. Friendly, still sparsely populated, with breathtaking views and great restaurants. Where else can you buy freshly smoked salmon straight from the waterfront smokehouse within site of an abandoned castle across the inlet? It is a magical place.”

Coastal Living Forum (USA)-Melissa L. 10/12/06 – Web


A fantastic place to go is the Connemara Smokehouse in Ballyconneely for  a personal tour of the smokehouse process and methods and a tasting at the end and ask as many questions as you like they also got a Smoked Tuna which I was weary of thinking of tinned tuna but nothing like it, it was fantastic and a Honey Roast Smoked Salmon definitely a girly food yum we buy reguarly online www.smokehouse.ie you must try this place if you are in the Clifden area 20min from Clifden it is definitely worth it if you do go try and get the owner Graham a lovely young man.

Fodor’s Travel Intelligence  28/01/06 Via B