Frühling in Irland-Spring in Ireland

On a rock arch is time for the rest. Brian grabs from wild salmon, Ballyconneely is on the label. This is the smokehouse of Roberts, the art because of their love for quality and old crafts as "guardians of the smoked fish" or even "Food Heroes" apply, such as fish chef Rick Stein says of the BBC. The salmon is delicious, the same Pinot Gri-gio. There are sandwiches with fresh Atlantic crab, stuffed Pou-let with tomato bread and strawberries for dessert.


Quality and Tradition

Quality is a word that Graham gets passionate about. He feels that poor quality imported smoked salmon gives the process a bad name. "It puts people off when they try a slimy, rubbery product and it is more difficult to convert them back again." Getting people to try his products gives Graham a real buzz. "I love to see the effect it has on people when they try something new.


Leenane Food Festival 09′

The region has many award-winning food producers, and the Leenane Food Festival intends to bring all together as a celebration of our food history and as an opportunity for foodies everywhere to get a real taste of Connemara.The Leenane Food Festival aims to bring the flavours and quality food products of Connemara to all. Two top Good Food Ireland Members Graham & Saoirse Roberts-Connemara Smokehouse and Derry Clare-L'Ecrivain Restaurant Dublin.