Why we’re all hooked on kippers-the little fish making a big comeback

Graham says that a lot of customers are a bit older, and are coming back to a taste that they remember as being good when they were younger. Herring, smoked or kippered, is a relatively cheap fish which goes a long way in these tough times to explain their increased popularity.


Western Civilisation – Cara Magazine

ALONG GALWAY'S RUGGED Atlantic coast, near the town of Ballyconneely, low-lying, whitewashed building sits perched on a pier, with the strong cold water of the Atlantic crashing almost to its door. This is the Connemara Smokehouse. It appears an unassuming place at first, until you step inside and meet the Roberts family. Graham, in thid mid-thirties, runs the smokehouse with his wife Saoirse and thier four young children (all artisan-smokers-in-the-making)....

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