Connemara Smokehouse

Ireland – Organic Products made in Artisan Way – Online Magazine – article by Claudia Frost Connemara Smokehouse works with pure ingredients: fish, salt, smoke, herbs, sugar, honey and Irish whiskey. Operating since 1979, the Connemara Smokehouse is the oldest in the region and works with a kiln that was first commissioned in 1946. Using traditional methods, the Roberts family has been…

Connemara Smokehouse

Irish interplay – Irische Wechselspiele

Neue Zürcher Zeitung – Andrea Kucera Swiss Journalist visits Connemara Smokehouse The counties of Galway and Mayo are in many respects a treasure trove. The region northwest of Galway on Ireland’s west coast is a paradise for nature lovers. Their summits are ideal for walking, its lakes for fishing and the coast with its beaches…

A Foodie Paradise

If it was up to the Roberts family fresh Irish salmon and tuna would be on our kitchen tables as often as it is on theirs. It’s a mouth- watering thought. In the mean-time, we can all do our best to support the flailing Irish fish industry by looking out for locally produced seafood and being mindful of cheap foreign competition.

simple supper of connemara smoked salmon and easy blinis

The folks at the Connemara Smokehouse are friendly – and imagine our surprise to find ourselves being served by a frenchman! They even smoke french crooner Pierre Perret’s fish when he comes to Ireland! The Smokehouse specialises in wild products and their range even includes smoked tuna – I was amazed to discover that tuna can be fished in Irish coastal waters but Nicholas explained that this is due to the famous mexican gulf…

Connemara Smokehouse

Frühling in Irland-Spring in Ireland

On a rock arch is time for the rest. Brian grabs from wild salmon, Ballyconneely is on the label. This is the smokehouse of Roberts, the art because of their love for quality and old crafts as “guardians of the smoked fish” or even “Food Heroes” apply, such as fish chef Rick Stein says of the BBC. The salmon is delicious, the same Pinot Gri-gio. There are sandwiches with fresh Atlantic crab, stuffed Pou-let with tomato bread and strawberries for dessert.