Clare Island is located on the West Coast of Ireland where the Organic Salmon thrive in the wild pristine waters. This exposed westerly coastline is swept by strong tidal currents, high waves and has 1A rating for water quality.

Seafarm History

This is where they first started producing organic salmon in 1995.  It is knowledge and expertise that has given Clare Island a reputation for producing the finest quality organic salmon in the world.  The exceptional water conditions are of crucial importance in relation to the success of the organic salmon. The Organic Salmon are reared in large cages which allow them to follow their natural shoaling behaviour and within that, control their proximity to other salmon, in line with organic farming concepts.

The Salmon are stocked at low densities, only 2 fish per tonne of water, which means there is a lot of space to swim freely. The lifecycle of Organic Salmon mirrors what happens to their counterparts in the wild. They start life in freshwater as an egg which gets hatched out and after about a year, grown out to a fish about the size of your finger (Smolt).

At this stage they are transferred to the seawater and from there they are hand-fed daily with organic feed based on natural ingredients from sustainable sources and free from genetically modified organisms.  The fishmeal in the organic feed is only derived from the by-products of fish which is processed for human consumption.

No artificial colourings are used as the feed contains herring, mackerel, plankton and shrimp (source of pigment in the diet of wild salmon), along with a Phaffia Yeast which ferments to give  the fish their natural colour.

Connemara salmon

Clare Island Organic Salmon

The high tidal exchange rates in the Clare Island area ensure that oceanic water continually flushes through the pens. The strong currents against which the fish are compelled to swim results in fish with a firm flesh and lower than average fat content.
At the end of their lives, Clare Island salmon will have swum the equivalent of nearly 14,500 miles which is about the same distance the wild salmon would have covered. The conditions under which the salmon is reared are very close to its wild counterparts.
The way Clare Island works is unique, they operate a fully intergrated supply chain, where they can offer complete traceability at each stage of the salmon’s lifecycle.
They can trace back to the hatchery where the life of the salmon began from the customers batch code that is on the fish box.  They have a well boat to safely transfer the salmon to the required location to ensure continuity of supply.
Every stage of the product process is audited annually by the independent organic authorities as well as the quality and hygiene certifying agents, to ensure that they are continually working to meet the requirements as set out in their strict standards.

Connemara Smokehouse

Our Standards

  • Ensure that growing sites are located in deep seawater
  • Ensure that growing sites have strong tidal currents
  • Ensure an environment where water is richly oxygenated
  • Feed Quality
  • Stocking Density
  • Full traceability
  • Continuity of Supply
  • Highest Quality Product
  • Team of Experts
  • Respect for animal welfare
  • Respect for the Environment
  • Sustainability

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