The Connemara Smokehouse has picked up the BBC Food Show Award for Favourite Speciality Producer as voted by visitors to the show.
The BBC Good Food Show and the Festive BBC Good Food Show attracted 164,OO0 visitors. and offered evidence that consumers are increasingly interested in small, local producers.
Graham Roberts from the Connemara Smokehouse was delighted by the award. “Coming from Ireland. and having worked hard filleting every fish myself, to win this award proves small is beautiful,” he said. “The customer response has been enormous. converting fish haters into fish lovers, which for me is what a good Food Show is all about. The shoss also gixes a great chance to interact with the customers.” Mr Roberts adds the award to 3 medals from the 2004 Great Taste Awards in London, numerous Bridgestone Guide Awards and the BIM Product Innovation Award for the Best New Seafood Product in Ireland.
The Connemara Smokehouse is at the waterd5s edge at Bunowen Pier in Aillebrack. ten miles from Clifden. The Smokehouse, which was founded in 1979, specialises in ‘Wild’ Smoked Salmon and Gravalax.
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