Early start 5am a day of filleting mackerel….

Caught in the cool clear waters of the Atlantic off the West Coast in the rich marine feeding grounds found in this area. Connemara Smokehouse Plain Smoked Mackerel is full of  flavour and is sourced locally when fish size and oil content are suitable. Only the finest Mackerel caught is selected by the Connemara Smokehouse. The mackerel is traditionally cured, slowly hot smoked making a succulent, ready to serve dish that is free from any artificial additives or preservatives.  This process achieves the unequalled delicate yet rich flavour that the Connemara Smokehouse are famous for. You can be sure of a fresh quality smoked product ready to compliment any meal.
Smoked Mackerel in both plain or peppered variety is great for summer salads or if you fancy trying your hand at making a smoky pate or dip, this is a wonderful addition.


Graham filleting Mackerel


High spec trimming…


Nice shiny, bright fillets ensure freshness