Delicious Magazine – August Edition 2011 – Hungry Traveller by Les Dunn
The Connemara penisula, west of the city of Galway, is the Ireland millions of Americans imagine when, teary-eyed, they turn their thoughts to their homeland: still, silent loughs, grassy moors, ancient peat bogs, miles of stone walls, rolling hills and a craggy coastline of coves and inlets.  Plus the odd donkey. We’re off along the minor road that winds around the coast. Each mile we travel we feel more relaxed, like we’ve taken a slow-release narcotic.
In a beautiful location out on a lonely seashore, the Connemara Smokehouse proves worth the detour – the delicately smoked Atlantic salmon – they also do mackerel, tuna, herrring and sometimes cod and pollock – is subline. The secret’s in the beechwood smoking (it imparts a sweeter flavour than oak, apparently) – that and the extroardinary dedication of workaholic owner Graham Roberts. “If I come in at four in the morning” he explains, “there are no distractions.” With the fruits of his beyond-the-call labours in our cool-bag, we carry northwards.
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Graham Roberts, Traditional Irish Smokehouse, Ireland

Delicious Magazine Aug 2011