For all those at and inspired by the Inishfood event – and anyone who wasn’t able to make it – For Food’s Sake, a bi-monthly evening of food discussion and tastings should be right up your street.

It all kicks off in Dublin’s Sugar Club (very appropriate venue for a food event!) on Thursday 31 March, looking at the positive opportunities and challenges facing Irish producers.
Aoife Carrigy, food journalist, blogger and former deputy editor of Food & Wine Magazine, will be chairing the discussion.
The panellists are Graham Roberts of Connemara Smokehouse; Suzanne Campbell, journalist and co-author of Basket Case; the Irish Farmers’ Association’s General Secretary Pat Smith, General Secretary and Una Fitzgibbon, Director of Marketing Services at Bord Bia.
Follow-up events will take place on the last Thursdays of May, July and every two months after that. Each evening will feature different artisan producer tastings, different topics and a different panel.
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The Sugar Club, 8 Lower Leeson Street, D 2
Thursday 31 March
Doors 7.30pm
Adm €5 on the door
Irish food has come of age. Not just in terms of the food we eat but the food we grow, produce and cook too. Thriving independent businesses, conscientious farmers, committed artisan producers, inspired chefs, charming front-of-house staff, top class restaurants, bustling local markets, increasingly well-informed and engaged consumers: the Irish food industry is something we should all be proud of and deserves a platform for discussion.
For Food’s Sake is a new bi-monthly evening of food discussion and tastings.
Each themed night of discussion will be chaired by food journalist Aoife Carrigy, former deputy editor of FOOD&WINE Magazine, who will be joined by a panel of four guest speakers hand-picked from across the broad spectrum of the industry. The inaugural night’s discussion (Thu 31 March) will focus on the positive opportunities and challenges facing Irish producers.
“The Great Green Hope – where lies the future for Irish food production?’
Taking the stage as panellists will be:
* Graham Roberts, artisan producer, Connemara Smokehouse
* Suzanne Campbell, journalist, blogger and co-author of Basket Case: What’s Happening to Ireland’s Food
* Pat Smith, General Secretary, Irish Farmers’ Association
* Una Fitzgibbon, Director of Marketing Services, Bord Bia
Some of the specific questions discussed will include:
* What can we do to support sustainable growth of the Irish food industry, through consumer choices as well as policy decisions?
* Who are we producing Irish food for – for export or for home consumption – and what does this mean for how we produce it?
* How heavily does Irish agriculture rely on subsidies, why and what happens if those subsidies disappear?
* Can organic food production provide a realistic alternative model for Irish agriculture or is it by nature a niche market?
* Does our indigenous fishing industry have a sustainable future, and do we care enough to demand that it does?
There will be food tastings on the night courtesy of several Irish artisan producers who will tell you a bit about what they do and let you taste the results for yourself. And of course there will be a full bar to help get the conversation going.
So, For Food’s Sake, come join us, and Eat! Drink! and Be Merry! We’ve a lot to be cheerful about. And much to discuss. Let’s get started.
For more information, see and or contact Aoife Carrigy on 087 6100 826 or Aisling Rogerson on 087 961 4755, or email us on [email protected]