Five Girls from Aillebrack National School launched their book in Clifden town Library.

(And proud to say one of them is ours)

Celia O’Neill (4th Class) author of “Madeline and the Chocolate Treasure Hunt” accompanied by Amy Roberts (3rd Class), Grainne King (3rd Class), Eimear Roche (3rd Class) and Francesca McDonagh (5th Class) who wrote a collection of Poetry to go into the book.
The success is primarily due to the enthusiasm and energy that all the girls put together.

The girls come from a small rural, two-teacher school in Aillebrack, Co. Galway. The Five girls ranging from 3rd Class to 5th Class. Each year the girls participate in a Reading Buddies Programme which involves the children in all classes, from Junior Infants to Sixth Class, doing paired reading. This is a simple and effective reading technique, which usually results in improvement in reading ability for most pupils. It tends to be a very enjoyable experience where pupils develop more positive attitudes to reading. The five girls are keen readers and with encouragement from Teacher Louise Roche to put their active minds into creative writing.

Aillebrack School Girls Book Launch by Connemara Smokehouse

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Madeline and the Chocolate Treasure Hunt (Story by Celia O’Neill)
Young Madeline is on a treasure hunt for a chocolate cake recipe
as she goes on her adventure to look for the treasure recipe, she meets some strange little characters on her way.
What is Spring Like (Poetry by Amy Roberts)
Spring is nice and people enjoy it
Animals are born and flowers grow
The nights get brighter and you can play longer
You can do many things when spring comes.
Spring is different every year
Who knows what comes next year.
Foxy (Poetry by Eimear Roche)
I found a fox in a box
and he was scared of an ox
I called him Mox and he had botox
To make him look well and he fell
in love with a vixen called Bell
The Book will be on display in Clifden Town Library for the full Summer 2010.
So do drop in and check out their work.
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