Mac Voyage Round Ireland Slowly – Seaweed and Sailing

Fisherman ripped the claws off 6 live crabs for us, Connemara Smokehouse took our rubbish, we bought scrumptious smoked goodies, explored Inish Shark, met 36 archaeologists from America, sailed up Killarey Fjord. Detail n pics follow tomorrow.

I’ll break that down a little more – Bunowen Bay was a treasure trove for us. After a friendly wee chat with this lovely fisherman he kindly asked if we would like some of his crab claws, then proceeded to rip the claws from the live crabs and flung the remaining crab back in to the harbour, which took me a back a little! Not so squeamish that I couldn’t eat them though – there were relish 🙂

Curious to find out more about the smokery next the pier, I realised it was John Roberts son (JR is an ISA and RYA YM examiner we have had the pleasure of working with in the past). Connemara Smokehouse has awards plastered all over the entrance and oh wow they are we deserved. We went in to treat ourselves to some smoked salmon, saw the lads fleeting, was given a warm welcome, sample salmon and left with a bundle of smoked salmon and tuna. Graham kindly agreed to take our rubbish (disposal of which is difficult on the Irish coast) and the lovely Bridget (Graham’s mum) gave us lemon (I couldn’t possibly eat that lovely salmon without a lemon!