Graham Roberts @OldSmoky will be speaking at the Galway County & City Enterprise Board Ltd. SME Roadshow in Clifden Connemara. The Business Roadshow Thursday  7pm Oct 24th in Clifden Station House Theatre.©Connemara Smokehouse

Graham Roberts owner of Connemara Smokehouse works hard, and he has always worked hard. Aged four, he was scoring a penny every time he washed a fish box for his dad. Aged six, he was helping out with everything. Today, in the Connemara Smokehouse, it is the boss himself who hand-fillets the fish, salts it, smokes it. This is artisanship.
His tenure has been marked not just by superb smoked fish, but by an impish need to innovate, which has led him to create smoked tuna recipes and products that are perhaps the clearest expression of his signature style, using both cold and hotsmoking techniques.