Exclusive Speciality – Smoked Irish Tuna. Our tuna is caught with environmental sustainability in mind and is rich in omega 3. Our tuna is delicately smoked, blending the natural fish flavours with a smokey aftertaste.

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Wild Cold Tuna Out Of Stock

Cold Smoked Tuna – 200g Sliced Pack


Premium line-caught albacore tuna, smoked to a meaty bite and a subtle blend of smoke and sea, we’ve developed a method unique to Connemara Smokehouse and winner of several international awards and acclaim. A trans-cuisine favourite and inspired addition to a range of contemporary dishes, including…

Honey Roast Tuna Out Of Stock

Honey Roast Tuna – 200g Sliced Pack


Marinated in natural honey and slowly smoked over a hot beechwood fire to a firmly moist and meaty texture with an incredible combination of rich and diverse flavours. Serve warm or cold or as an exquisite complement to oven-warmed honey roast smoked tuna with blue cheese on…