Wild Smoked Herring

Product Details:

Species: Wild Atlantic Herrings (Clupea Harengus)
Weight: Min. 350g
Method: Cold smoked
Presentation: 2 fish split and packed in pairs
Serves: Main for two people or starter for four

Product Description

Smoked herrings, packed in pairs. Deliciously juicy for a great breakfast.


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Smoked herrings, packed in pairs. Deliciously juicy for a great breakfast. Kippers are part of an ancient tradition that spans hundreds of years. The process of curing and storing smoked seafood dates right back into early history. Interestingly, while the British have been producing smoked herring for generations, the term “kipper” has only been used in reference to herring since the mid-19th century. In fact, the verb “to kipper” still refers to any process where a food is salted or seasoned and then allowed to dry, whether in open air or smoked.

Do you remember how good kippers used to taste? Nowadays, they are all too often dyed and barely smoked. At the Connemara Smokehouse, we start with fresh herrings that are plump and un-bruised. They are split by hand, lightly cured then mildly smoked for up to 18 hours depending on the weather. The result is succulent flesh with golden skin and a wonderful flavour. They are delicious and nutritious and are a tasty source of protein, calcium and omega 3 oils.

Smokehouse products will keep in your fridge for two weeks in the unopened vacuum pack and up to eight months in your freezer also unopened. However, we recommend consumption within seven days or freeze for up to eight months, as this is better for the quality.


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All the delicious flavour of our world-famous smoked kippers makes the most beautiful breakfast or healthy snack. Just simply grill with a knob of butter or shallow poach in gently boiling water and serve with some toast or traditional soda bread......yum!!!