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(Organic) Gravadlax (Marinated Salmon) – 500g sliced side


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Salmon marinated with salt, sugar, dill and Irish Whiskey to give a delicate flavour that will keep you coming back for more.

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This is a really tasty alternative to Smoked Salmon. A rare delicacy that originated in Scandinavia. Gravadlax (gravlax) is an ancient Nordic process for preserving fish as in grav “trench” + lax “salmon” (from the former practice of burying the salmon in salt in a hole in the ground). This sublime delicacy is made with the finest Fresh Salmon using the traditional Scandinavian recipe of marinating in sugar, salt, dill and our own twist Irish Whiskey. The Connemara Smokehouse embraced this delicacy as their own, always respecting the Scandinavian techniques that created it. Our family recipe combines together salt, sugar, dill and Irish Whiskey which we hand-rub into the flesh to begin the marinating of our salmon. This gives a gravadlax of distinction and sets it apart from all others. The secret lies in marrying together the ingredients in the correct quantities and marinating the salmon for just the right time. This is a tantalisingly, delicious, delicacy that will quite literally melt in your mouth, and will keep you coming back for more. The Connemara Smokehouse Gravadlax is great on some warm buttered toast or shred it and toss through a warm potato salad made with new potatoes and some of the dill mustard sauce included in the packet. For more wonderful Connemara Smokehouse recipes check out our Connemara Smokehouse Recipes.

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