Wild Smoked Salmon (300g)

Product Details:

Species: Wild Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar)
Weight: 300g
Method: Cold smoked
Presentation: Sliced (approx. 15 to 18 slices)
Serves: Main for three people or starter for five

Product Description:

Wild Irish Atlantic Salmon is our world-famous Connemara Smokehouse speciality.


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Wild Irish Atlantic Salmon is our world-famous Connemara Smokehouse speciality. Beechwood-smoked the traditional way to create the perfect blend of delicate natural flavours and a sumptuous velvety texture that melts in your mouth.

A fine accompaniment to the most complex of dishes, yet also goes well with traditional brown bread and a glass of wine.

Our carefully selected, fresh wild salmon is hand-filleted, cured with dry salt, slowly smoked and dried over a natural beechwood fire.

The most delicate and well-balanced smoked salmon you will ever taste, a soft and buttery texture blending hints of the sea with the subtle sweetness of beechwood and natural seasonings.

Smokehouse products will keep in your fridge for two weeks in the unopened vacuum pack and up to eight months in your freezer also unopened. However, we recommend consumption within seven days or freeze for up to eight months, as this is better for the quality.


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Serving Suggestion

Try it with fresh pasta and pesto, in a strawberry and fennel salad, or with Eggs Benedict Royale.

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