Connemara Smokehouse

Great Taste Award Winner 2015 Connemara Smokehouse       On the water’s edge of the Wild Atlantic Way

               ~ a taste as natural and wild as Connemara

Connemara Smokehouse IrelandSumptuous, tender, velvety. Authentic and ancient flavours from the wild Irish Atlantic blend subtly with beechwood smoke like a song on your tongue.

Connemara Smokehouse, family-run since 1979, deliver direct to your table the best quality smoked salmon and seafood in Ireland. We use only the freshest and finest natural ingredients and follow traditional smoking methods handed down through generations.

Wild  & Organic, our smoked salmon and smoked seafood offer a succulent, mouth-watering taste and delicate texture like no other.


Atlantic Salmon Connemara Smokehouse Ireland, Connemara Smokehouse Irlande



Graham Roberts - Connemara Smokehouse Traditional Irish Smoked Seafood ProducerImagine it when you click your selections in our online shop—fresh salmon, tuna and mackerel from the Atlantic arriving at Bunowen Pier in west Connemara. Hand-filleted, dry-salted, seasoned and smoked, then vacuum-packed and couriered to your door—direct from our family to yours.

Bon appétit!