Connemara Smokehouse

A taste as natural and wild as Connemara

Sumptuous, tender, velvety. Authentic and ancient flavours from the wild Irish Atlantic blend subtly with beechwood smoke like a song on your tongue.

Connemara Smokehouse
, family-run since 1979, deliver directly to your table the best quality smoked salmon and seafood in Ireland. We use only the freshest and finest natural ingredients and follow traditional smoking methods handed down through generations.

Wild & Organic, our smoked salmon and smoked seafood offer a succulent, mouth-watering taste and delicate texture like no other.


A fantastic place to go is the Connemara Smokehouse in Ballyconneely for  a personal tour of the smokehouse process and methods and a tasting at the end and ask as many questions as you like they also got a Smoked Tuna which I was weary of thinking of tinned tuna but nothing like it, it was fantastic and a Honey Roast Smoked Salmon definitely a girly food yum we buy regularly online you must try this place if you are in the Clifden area 20 min from Clifden it is definitely worth it if you do go try and get the owner Graham a lovely young man.

Fodor’s Travel Intelligence via FB 28 / 01 / 06, Fodor’s Travel Intelligence via FB 28 / 01 / 06

….I’d like to comment about where I spent last summer, on the west coast of Ireland in Connemara. I live on the coast in New England, but Connemara, near Clifden, stole my heart. It reminds me of what New England’s coast was 40 or more years ago. Friendly, still sparsely populated, with breathtaking views and great restaurants. Where else can you buy freshly smoked salmon straight from the waterfront smokehouse within site of an abandoned castle across the inlet? It is a magical place.”

Coastal Living Forum (USA)-Melissa L. via Web 10 / 12 / 06, Coastal Living Forum (USA)-Melissa L. via Web 10 / 12 / 06

A great smokehouse near Ballyconeely, and some small beaches. I will be making a picnic supply trip out there soon!

Sullivan ’07, Sullivan ’07

Our Process

The raw materials used to make Connemara Smokehouse Smoked Seafoods are subjected to meticulous scrutiny, where every step is of the utmost importance in producing a perfect end result. When the fish has reached the ideal weight for smoking, it is harvested from the sea, rapidly cooled, gutted, cleaned, hand filleted and boned.

To add to this assurance of quality, Graham fillets the fish by hand, which allows him to monitor every single fish that passes through our Smokehouse. The whole process is conducted quickly, hygienically and under strict control, in order to retain the fish’s fine taste, freshness and natural colour.

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